Ludington School Forest 12/20/17

I’m going to start this trail report with a little lecture from atop my lofty soap box, so if you just want the trail conditions, skip below the photo. Probably ought to add an exclaimer here… the following rant is a personal narrative from Andy Klevorn, the views expressed are solely those of Andy Klevorn and in no way reflect the official stance from the Shoreline Cycling Club, yada, yada…

Grooming is a fairly time consuming and grueling endeavor most days. You have to get out of a nice warm bed, early, when it’s the darkest and coldest, before work, as most groomers have day jobs. And then it snows and you have to groom three times to get the trail back in good shape. And you get the trails in pretty good shape and then the groomer’s worst nightmare comes true.

A thaw.

And everyone on Facebook posts warnings about the thaw, and not to ride if a trail is slushy or you’re leaving a rut of any sort. And you get the guys who swear they ride their 2.35 tires with 4psi and tell others to go out and have a blast.

So you ride out the thaw, and try and time the groom so that the groomer doesn’t itself wreck the trail. And you turn into to the trail system full of hope that people have common sense, I mean, it can’t be any fun to ride through slushy trails. Maybe it is I don’t know. And then the first thing you see is this.

I’m not mad (okay, a little) but more disappointed in our efforts at education and, well, the level of common sense that some riders have. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll save you the time of reading the next 900 or so.

Read the NMMBA’s post on winter fat bike trail etiquette.

The actual grooming report.

The outer loop of the north side is pretty bad, whoever it was that rode the north south through trail, and wrecked most of that, finally gave up after rutting up the outer loop on the north side. The inner loop of the north side is not bad, but all of the trails are going to be really icy. The red and orange loops were spared and I fixed most of the north south trail but putting snow in the ruts and going over it again with the groomer. I went over everything with a lot of weight in the pan, but it wasn’t enough to scuff it up much.

The disc golf is pretty rough too, someone’s been going in there with a front end loader ( I kid you not) and so the two track up the middle has frozen front end loader tracks and I didn’t get out early enough and everything pretty much froze solid. So even with all of the weight from the groomer in the pan it was not enough to break up the foot prints, loader tracks and ski tracks.

It’s supposed to snow Friday, so hopefully it does and we can get out and make the trails great again.


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Big M Outer Loop

95 percent of the Outerloop is passable, volunteers have made it all the way around with our tracksled and Riders have made it all the way around to pack that in but the last 5 miles are still a little soft from today’s groom. I’m not sure when they’re going to groom again with the track sled but it should be pretty good after that. We came across some tracks from a writer who clearly had too much air in their tires, so just a reminder to riders out there that Low tire pressure is the key I was running two psi if that and if you have to walk a hill, which you will, make sure that you don’t walk on the groomed surface walk in the deep snow and leave your bike in the groomed surface. Volunteers are expanding exorbitant amounts of energy and time to prepare the surface for a race coming up on the 13th of January and it is disheartening, to say the least, to see footprints down the middle of a freshly groomed trail.

Several passes with the snowmobile and groomer have been around the 5 mile beginner loop and that is in fantastic shape

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Ludington School Forest 12/16/17

Trails good. Come on up. Disc golf is sketchy but main trails awesome.

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Ludington School Forest Trails 12/15/17 mid day update

I took an extra few minutes at lunch and blasted around trails with the Rokon, there will be spots that are well packed but narrow (Rokon only) and some not very well packed but wider (Rokon and pan up and some unweighted pan down).

Mostly what they need, is riders with wide tires and about 2.5 psi…

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12/15 Trail Park Groomed

The Manistee Trail Park was groomed Friday morning and should be good to go after the big dump of snow!

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Ludington School Forest 12/15/17

Dang, yesterday afternoon I went out after the morning groom and conditions were actually very good. ANd then we got three more inches of this horrible snow, light fluffy, nothing to it. With 1-3 more forecasted today. I’m going to wait until this blows through and try and make two quick passes with Rokon only to pack down what we have so maybe we can ride it in this weekend. Then groom proper once we get this thaw.

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Grooming has begun at Big M

With close to a foot of fresh snow, the groomers got out on the trails for the first time this year. It’ll take a couple more passes to compact the snow and get it to set up but the cycling club is working hard to get all 18 miles rideable asap. Stay tuned for conditions and remember if you’re leaving a rut, the trails are too soft or you need to air down.

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Ludington School Forest 12/14/17 am

All of the loops in the Ludington school forest and our connector in the disc golf course have been groomed with some sort of implement. The northern section has been done with the Pan down most of the way around, I knew I wouldn’t make the last little hill before Bryant so from there on I went pan up around the red loop and 2/3 of the orange loop. At that point I started to wonder if just the Rokon by itself would be more effective, plus I was exhausted, so the remainder of the orange loop and the South half of the north south through trail and the connector in the disc golf Rokon only.

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Ludington School Forest 12/13/17 PM

Not rideable. Plan on grooming first thing. Hopefully that will set up. But the snow is really dry.

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Ludington School Forest 12-13-17

Took the morning off to fix my garage door and that went better than expected so I did a quick groom of the School Forest Trails, a bunch of new disc golf and most of the walking trails. So the trails should be in pretty good shape for the Ludington Wednesday Night Ride..
More Rokon footage.

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12/9 – Big M cleared of logs and ridden in

There is boarder line enough snow to groom so we decided to ride it in and remove all the logs. Riding should be great!!

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12/9 – Outer Loop of Trail Park Rolled

Rolled the outer loop but didn’t get to inner yet. Work to be done at big m! About 8″ of fresh out there with 2ish inches of compacted base. Will be bumpy but ok.

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12/10/17 Ludington School Forest.

Just got back from the first groom of the season. Perfect conditions to get a solid foundation down and ride it in the weekend. If you like the groomed fat bike trails the the Shoreline Cycling Club maintains consider joining the club or simply making a donation. Happy trails.

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Ludington School Forest 12-7-17

First one of the year. YES!!!

We got about 5 inches of snow in Ludington last night and today. I’m sure that folks will be out tonight to ride it, and that will be all the grooming we probably need. If we get what we’re supposed to get on Friday, I might go out and groom Friday night to get a good foundation going.

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Big M (Feb 25)

What a difference a night makes. Big M received 3-5 inches of fluffy white stuff last night and throughout the day today. Although not groomed, the outer loop is very very rideable. It’s gorgeous out there right now. Enjoy it before it melts… again

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Big M status (Feb 24)

Another snow day allowed us to recon Big M. No good news whatsoever. All our base is gone. We checked both north and south sides of the Udell. If it weren’t for this mornings wet, heavy snow, we would have been walking on dirt. More likely than not, we won’t be grooming again. It’ll take lots of cold snow and consistent below freezing temps to get us out again on snow. 


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Ludington School Forest Update 2/23/17

Trails are good to go. We just have to watch for the normal spring rains and star off them when they’re wet. I’d like to think we could leave those winter fat Bike signs up in case winter returns but I have my doubts. 

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Big M – Friday 2/17

The snow pack at Big M is holding up well. When it is below freezing the trails are in AMAZING shape. Things soften up greatly in the warmer temps though so don’t be a jerk and ride it when the trails are soft (you leave more than a 1″ rut).

Based on the forecast you probably shouldn’t ride the trails on Saturday because it will not drop below freezing Friday night. Saturday night is supposed to drop below freezing so riding should be great Sunday early morning until things warm up a ton and the trail softens up.

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Ludington trail update 2-13-17

School Forest is a ribbon of ice and the Dragon (see images) has patchy ice all the way around. We’ll see what today’s sunshine does for Cartier Park. Pretty sure the SFT system will be ice for a while. I’m sure the irony is not lost on anyone that the trails we groom so we can enjoy fat biking in the winter are icy for three weeks longer in the spring, or during these whacky warm ups.

School forest at lunch.



Cartier Park Trails.

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Big M – Wednesday 2/9

The trails are in excellent shape! Very little ice and they are super firm and fast. Based on the forecast they should be excellent through sometime on Saturday mid to late in the day when the air temps get into the mid 30’s. It is supposed to get cold Saturday night so the trails hopefully will be great again Sunday morning.

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Ludington SFT Update 2-7-17 PM

I was wrong. A quick drive by after returning from store showed the trails to be an opaque layer of slush, which will likely turn to sheer ice overnight. A little snow would help. 

Yup. Back to being right again. Ice. 

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Ludington SFT Report 2-7-17

I got talked into trying out the SFT trails last night, I’d thought that it had been too warm and they’d be too soft, I was wrong. They were great. It got very close to freezing last night so they probably didn’t soften up too much. With the forecast for today, gale warning with 35 MPH winds, it’s unlikely that there will be much traffic on them today and then it’s supposed to freeze again and stay cold. So I think they’re going to be fine through Saturday morning at least. The high temps are a little deceiving, it only gets that warm for a couple hours and as long as it gets below freezing at night the trail sets back up. Extended warm temps are the groomed trail killer. There’s a chance I may go groom VERY early Wednesday morning to smooth out some of the foot traffic on the shared use parts of the path. I’d rate the trail a 3.8 on a scale of 5. Grooming would boost that to 5 for sure. So we’ll see.

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Big M Outer Loop Groomed Sunday Feb 5th

The outerloop was groomed with our new tracksled:

It lays down a very nice ribbon of 20″ singletrack. This is the first pass for the year so it may take a few more passes before we get a really nice solid base built.

The plan is to groom every Friday night and/or Saturday morning so that the trail will be ready for weekend use. We may get out grooming during the week but minimally we be grooming for the weekends.

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Big M groomed 2/1…gonna be great

I got out to groom this afternoon. I think this most recent snow will set up the best we’ve seen so far this year. Enjoy!!!

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Manistee Trail Park Groomed Wednesday Afternoon

The outer loop of the trail park was groomed Wednesday afternoon. Going to try to groom the inner loop later this evening.

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Ludington SFT Update 2-1-17

The trails didn’t absolutely need it last night, but looking at the weather forecast I thought that it was a good time to really go out and lay down some good tracks with the groomer, so I hit all of the cycling club single track in the school forest. In the disc golf course I did a little exploring, got lost three times, and added a bunch more groomed surface to the area. We’ll ride it tonight and I’ll find out how much it added up to. The folks at MyRaceSticker donated a pair of Bar Mitts for the Rokon so my hands were nice and warm last night too.

The blue lines are approximate locations of my Tuesday night wanderings. Looking at the ten day forecast (knock on wood) we should have really nice trails for the foreseeable future. I may go back to disc golf once it hardens up this weekend during the daytime and do some more scouting.


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Ludington SFT Update 1-31-17

Looks like we’re back in business. A group went out and rode all the trails Monday night and reported back they’re awesoem. We got another 2-3 inches last night and if it snows all day today, I may go ride. Then groom if I think it will get it all dialed in.

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Ludington Update 1-27-17

The SFT trails are kind of still a mess from the thaw and now cool down. They’re icy in spots from the grooming we did what seems like years ago. We’ve had NO new snow in two weeks maybe. None that stuck anyway. The trails we did not groom, locally called the Dragon are however AWESOME. Frozen dirt.

And locally on Saturday in Ludington we have Brrewfest going on, more details see this link

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Big M Outer Loop Ridden in Saturday 1/14

The outer loop was ridden in Saturday. The loop is a mix of very different conditions right now. Some of it is well packed fat bike tracks (6-8″ wide), some of it has been groomed with an old school snowmobile and some of it is the groomed fat bike loop. Should be in great conditions Sunday.

We also have a new map of the Big M fat bike trails.

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Big M groomed January 14

Trail is in great shape. Watch for a couple trees down but it won’t get in the way of a n awesome ride!  

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Ludington SFT Report 1-13-17

We didn’t get enough snow to groom yesterday but several people have ridden and reported that there was enough snow to cover up the ice and they’ve packed it down to where Tom says they are a 5 on a scale of 1 to 5. So I guess they’re pretty good. We should have good riding through Sunday if that’s the case. And then it all goes to crap next week. The beach is pretty fantastic at the moment as well.

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Manistee Trail Park Groomed Wednesday 1/11

We are finally back up and in business for grooming the fat bike loop at the Manistee Trail Park. We have our big snowmobile fixed and out at the park. There are a couple more tweaks we need to make but things are now packed in and we should be able to consistently groom the fat bike loop from here on out. Enjoy!

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Ludington SFT Update 1-9-17

Just got done grooming all of SFT. It’s snowing pretty good at the moment though. Will probably need another groom after the snow, the rain and the forecasted 40 degree temps tomorrow but we’ll have a solid base to work from for the WNR. Rokon performed perfectly. I want to the the Mike and Mike maintenance crew for keeping us in the game. 

This is what it looked like around 10am. Trails are probably not rideable until Thursday. 

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Big M groomed Monday Jan. 9

And there’s even more snow to play in at Big M this morning. Set up nicely. Go ride it. Outer loop is still ok too thanks to KBS

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Ludington SFT Update 1-8-17

Trails were great again today. We’re supposed to get 1-3 tonight. If that happens then we’ll probably groom Monday night and then hope everyone stays off it on Tuesday when it rains. We’ll have a good base and the warm up is supposed to be brief so I think after that we’ll have really good trails for a while.

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Big M groomed 1/8

Tons of snow at Big M and the Fat Bike loop packed in nicely.  All groomed up for riding pleasure.  

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Big M – Saturday 1/7

The Outer Loop was ridden in Saturday. I am guessing the track will firm up well and should be pretty good Sunday. The smaller loop was ridden in and snowshoed. We are hoping to get the smaller loop rolled today.

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Ludington SFT Update 1-7-17

Trails have been groomed and/or ridden in and are pretty awesome. Snow cover is light but the grooming last night (Thanks TP) kind of bonded the snow to the ice that was there and there are very few icy spots.

The Dragon is also rideable. My toes were a little on the chilled side but the rest of the crew rode it in.

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Ludington School Forest Update 1-5-17

We got about an inch of snow last night. Hoping for 3-5 more before the weekend. If so we will probably just hold a Saturday morning fattie ride and pack it in manually. Hoping to set up a base for the Rokon to groom should we get any after that. If we get a huge dump I’ll probably groom Friday night.

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Big M 1/2/17

If the forecast is correct, these stable conditions will allow the fat bike loop as well as the entire outer to be very rideable. Even if the Udell get an inch or two, the riding will rock through the weekend. 

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Big M Outer Loop – 12/30/2016

The 5-6 mile loop is in great shape. The outer loop has been ridden in and should be rideable if you have bigger tires and are running low pressure.

PLEASE STAY OFF SKI TRAIL! Especially along Corkpine. It may seem like there is no damage being done to the ski trail but the skiers are still getting mad about it.

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Ludington School Forest 12-26-16

Got a text that Mike groomed. Awaiting trail report. Todd says trails fricking awesome. Little bit of a warm up Wednesday, as long as they don’t get chewed up too bad they should return to awesome Thursday.

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Ludington School Forest report 12-21-16

The trails held up through today’s thaw quite well, and with temps hovering around freezing until Sunday I think they’ll hold up well. We’re planning to groom as soon as there is a 12 hour window where the temps are in the 20s. That’s looking like Tuesday afternoon. Low tire pressure, but not too low, is the key. I ran 3 pounds and didn’t leave a mark tonight.

Merry Christmas.


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Ludington School Forest 12-19-16

Wow, 15 inches of snow, 3 days and 9 man hours later, the Ludington School Forest trails will probably set up great by morning. Of course we’re getting a little thaw. The Rokon is absolutely the machine for 1-6 inches of snow if you have a nice base built up, and I don’t think there’s any one machine that’s perfect. But it’s gonna be handy to have a snow machine handy for storms like that. I got around all of the bike trails and most of the disc golf. I couldn’t get to the long uphill that cuts through that one disc golf hole at the SE corner of the property, I got to the bottom of the hill at the exit of that hole and the clearing right before it, but I’d just bushwhacked through the center of the course and lucky I didn’t need a helicopter extraction. The Rokon pulled the groomer through fresh powder, with the pan up, through the middle of the field and what must be two feet of snow.

Just a reminder about trail etiquette.

Fat bikes only please on the sections of trail that were purpose built for biking.

3.7 or wider and 4-ish psi.

If you’re leaving a rut deeper than an inch conditions are too soft and you shouldn’t be riding.

When riding the shared trail yield to walkers and skiers.

If you run into a walker on the purpose built single track be nice and try and educate them to our purpose of creating a regional resource to benefit the entire community. If their trails are filled with too many divots from walkers have them send me an email at and we will get someone out there to groom their trails for them. But at the end of the day they are trails on public land and they have as much right to be there as we do.

Then invite them to the Trail Open House and pray for cold weather.


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Manistee Trail Park was groomed Monday

The fat bike loop was groomed Monday, sort of. We don’t have our usual snowmobile and roller set up ready yet so were using a lighter snowmobile and a sled right now. The track is pretty soft but probably will be rideable. We are hoping to groom again soon to help compaction.

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Big M Groomed Monday 12-19

Snow day means groom day!  Rescued the roller!  Loop is in great shape. Should be good to go for the week. 

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Ludington School Forest 12-18-16

Had anyone ridden the trails on Friday at about midnight, they would have had the best time. And then 15 inches of new powder fell from the sky. We have the foundation of a good trail and should have the trails back online by Tuesday. We have gotten around all the trails with just the Rokon and some sort of unweighted groomer behind the Rokon. Mike used the roller with the drag up, I used Monton and his 180mm downhill skis. We’re hoping that all sets up firm enough to pull the full system on the track tonight and tomorrow and will hit it again Monday night with the weighted roller and drag. Happy holidays.

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Big M Another groom…kinda

I went out the give the loop another packing since getting another 4-5 inches over night. The roller stopped rolling due to ice build up so I had to dump it mid trail and I finished up grooming with just the sled. The groomed section set up surprisingly well. Reminder to run low pressure so as not to leave ruts.

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First Groom

Big M fat bike loop got groomed today. Sounds like it set up nicely. No outer loop…yet

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Ludington School Forest sketchy 12-17

Went out yesterday mid-storm and groomed, then we got another 6″ so I will be heading out again tonight. Should be back in good shape Sunday.

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Ludington School Forest 12-15-16 Update

Trails still in great shape after the Sunday groom. We all rode two laps last night and those tracks made it even better. We got rid of one tree on the orange loop. As soon as we get a couple more inches and the wind dies down I’ll make another pass.

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12-11-16 Ludington School Forest Groomed


I got out last night for the first full groom with the Rokon and Mike’s rolling groomer. It worked very well and I got our three loops done, the north south through trail and a section through the disc golf to connect it all. I left the ski tracks alone as best I could. Most had already been trampled by walkers.

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Cartier Park Trail Map


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New Cartier Park Trails

Todd and Dave have been busy working on the new Cartier Park Loops and they’re pretty fun I have to say. Here’s a GPS track of what I’ve found so far.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.08.15 AM

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Ludington School Forest is sooooo fast

Trails are dry and summer riding has begun. As with all trails though it’s best to stay off them when they’re wet.

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NCT from 9 Mile Bridge South to Freesoil Rd is Snow Free

NCT south of 9 Mile Bridge is free of snow at least until Freesoil Rd (and likely the rest of the way south). The Udell Hills region is a mixed bag right now. Trails that were groomed for skiing or fat biking are predominantly grey ice still. The outer loop and much of NCT is probably open but yet to be confirmed.

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Arcadia Trails Free of Snow, Trees Down

The Arcadia MTB trails are 99.9% free of snow as of the evening of Friday, March 11. There are a lot of trees down right now, especially on the south side of the loop. I am hoping to get to them soon.

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M55 Park Groomed 3/2

Most of the fat bike loop was groomed Wednesday evening. The remainder should be groomed Thursday morning.

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Ludington SFT Groomed on 3-2

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Big M groomed 3/1

Oh yea!  6 more inches of fresh just got squished down onto the fat bike loop. Groomed all up for some fun riding. When it sets up it should be mint!   



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Big M groomed 2/26

Possibly the last groom of the 5 mile Big M loop today. Ride early in the morning before Mother Nature heats the afternoons up

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M55 Park groomed Saturday morning 

Get out there before Mother Nature reclaims it!

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Ludington SFT 2-13 weekend update 

The Orange loop was groomed this morning and there is only a light dusting on Thursday’s corduroy.

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Big M groomed 2/12/16

Out at the Big M there has been plenty of snow falling but the trail has been shaping up quite nicely. Groomed again this afternoon, the weekend looks to be a great time to try out the loop  


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Ludington SFT groomed Thursday 2-11

All trails are groomed except the Orange loop.  The walking trails and disc golf area are also groomed for your skiing/riding pleasure.

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Ludington SFT Update 2-11

Seven of us rode in the SFT system last night and conditions were quite good. Surprisingly. Waiting to see what the weather does before we make a grooming decision. But they are rideable, and each lap makes them more so.

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Big M groomed Wednesday 2-10

Trail is in really good shape. Freshly groomed for your pleasure. 

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Big M groomed Friday Feb 5th

Big M is all set for some weekend fun. Trail was groomed Friday late afternoon. Get out and ride, conditions are perfect!

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M55 Park Groomed Thursday Night

Got a nice dump of 8+” of decent packing powder during the day! Groomed all the trails and they seem like they are going to set up well over night. Enjoy!

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M55 park groomed Wednesday evening 

Fat bike trails were groomed Wednesday night. Conditions should be excellent if they are not a bit icy.

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Big M 2/2/16

We had a significant thaw the past couple days. The base that has been groomed in is thick enough to handle a temporary thaw.  Some new snow has fallen and we will be out to groom by the weekend. The temps will be dropping so it’ll probably be safe to enjoy the trail. 

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Above freezing temps at Big M 1/30/16

With temps staying above freezing throughout the entire weekend, we are asking riders to please stay off the fat bike groomed trail until temps drop below freezing

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Big M groomed 1/29/16

All that nice heavy snow laid down quite nicely Friday afternoon. All groomed up for people to enjoy. Watch the temps this weekend.  


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M55 Park trail conditions updated 1-28-16

The trails were groomed Wednesday night and are in great shape. Please hold off riding them until our temps drop below freezing again and the snow firms up this afternoon.

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Big M trail conditions updated 1-26-16

With the recent dump of wet, heavy snow and temps hovering around the freezing mark, the trail should be ridden with the 1″ rule. Please avoid the trail if you’re rutting the base more than an inch.  We have not been able to groom because of warm temps and forecast is calling for continued above freezing temperatures. The base should hold up but we’ll need some colder temps in order to get out and groom. We’ll keep you updated with conditions. 

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Ludington fat bike trail report updated 1-29-16

Ludington School Forest trails
We’ll be keeping a running log of trail grooming reports so you can get a good idea of how the trail conditions are in the Ludington School Forest (see links to GPS data and trail maps below). As we develop this resource of multi-use trails in Ludington it will help if we all follow generally accepted best practices when using the trails. Wider tires are better and lower tire pressure is better. Around 5psi seems to be a good fit, but it’s something to experiment with for sure. And if you are leaving a rut in the trails it’s probably too warm and it’s best if a different spot to ride is found. Being that they are in fact multi-use paths as long as everyone follows the same guidelines I think we’ll be in good shape. There were some running tracks on the trail on a recent Saturday morning and I’m happy to provide that resource for runners and walkers. And if they follow our best practices of not leaving ruts or post holes in trails that’s great. For conditions of the Manistee Trail Park click here Andy Klevorn

1-29-16 Report
Dave groomed with the snowmobile Friday morning. Trails should set up fine before Saturday’s big thaw. Planning a Ludington SFT ride at 9am tomorrow.

1-25-16 Report
The Rokon is here! And while we build a rolling groomer we’re using the one Dave built and a redneck ice fishing sled with comb on the bottom I put together this weekend. The orange loop has seen a pass with both the sled (Saturday night) and Dave’s groomer (Sunday night) and should be really good. The northern loops were groomed Saturday night. I had 50 pounds of weight in the sled and could have easily pulled the other 40 that I have to pack it down better.
IMG_3007 copy

1-21-16 Report
Trails were pretty good once a couple guys went down them on bikes. We got about 3 inches of fluffy snow during the day yesterday after grooming Tuesday night. We took 20 minutes for the team and rode in Joe’s Loop which is too twisty for the snowmobile. Fell more in that 20 minutes than the past two seasons combined, but there are tracks through there now. Here’s a short and noisy video from last night. Every single noise from the bike is transferred through the GoPro I swear.

1-20-16 Report
Just got done grooming again. Should set up nice for the Ludington Wednesday night ride.  

I’m sure Mike Petersen will be heartbroken to learn he’s been replaced. His knees are jumping for joy. 

Just south of Bryant Road. Fresh cord. 

1-19-16 Report
Five inches of fresh pow overnight. Back to square one. Probably get back out there later tonight to groom for WNR.

1-18-16 report
Just groomed today at lunch. Went a lot better with some tracks set. Got everything but Joe’s Loop (Orange Loop) and I got 1/3 of that until I had to bail out. It should set up quickly in these temps and be rideable by the time work lets out.

1-16-16 report
Trails were awesome Saturday morning, We groomed Friday night and they set up well, what we couldn’t groom with Dave’s sled and groomer we rode in with a big group. It was Mike and I’s first attempt at grooming, so 95% of it is really good, and 5% of it could stand some improvement. There’s a couple of big clumps of snow from the groomer here and there, but if you pay attention, as you should, you’ll have a blast. We’ll see what this next storm brings and how we groom that.
Click here to download/view map of trail system.

Snowmobile trails on the north side of Hamlin lake should be fabulous on Monday.

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School Forest Trails open and awesome

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 4.21.59 PM

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Annual Meeting November 23

Hello Club members,

The busy holiday season is coming up fast so we will have our annual meeting before the chaos starts.

This year’s meeting will be on Sunday Nov. 23rd at 3:00. It will again be held at Quiring Cycle’s shop located at 8736 N. US-31, just north of Orchard Market. The meeting agenda is attached and if there is anything you would like to see added to it, just let me know.

This is a good opportunity to stay in touch with what’s going on in the local cycling scene and show support for our sport.

Hope to see everyone there.

Dave Maclean – President

SCC Fall Agenda 2014

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Don’t forget about some of the local cycling events coming up this summer

Big M Challenge    July 28th

 H.E.L.P.  MAD Ride  –  August 16th.

Big Bear Butt Cruise    August 23rd

Peak2Peak    October 18th

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The recent freeze/thaw conditons have made for some great fat biking. There are tons of great places to ride and you won’t have to wash the mud off your bike.

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Fat Bike Winter Etiquette

We swiped this from the VASA site because we think it’s important as ambassadors of cycling that we try and present a good image of cyclists everywhere. These are rules for riding the ski trails on Friday nights in TC, but should be adhered to everywhere we’re allowed to ride really. Help support the VASA Friday Night Lights program by buying a grooming badge whether you plan to ride or not.

Fatbike Friday Rules of Etiquette

•Ride the Vasa Pathway on Fridays, conditions permitting.
Click here to find other places that welcome fatbikes.
•Support grooming with the Fatbike Fridays Badge – only $25 gets you the Fatbike Fridays Grooming Report and a high-vis zipper pull to show your support. The grooming report includes trail conditions and advisories on when riding would cause damage to the trail. Please abide by these advisories.
•Riding will not be allowed if conditions are too soft. If you are leaving a rut deeper than an inch, having a hard time riding in a straight line, or pushing your bike, the snow is too soft and you absolutely should not be biking on the trails.
•Tires must be 3.7″ or bigger.
•Tire pressure must be under 8 psi.
• Do not ride on any classic tracks.
• Ride the trail in the direction that distance markers indicate. i.e. clockwise for 25k and 10k, counter-clockwise for the 5k. This way everyone is going the same direction.
• Bikes yield to skiers.
• Stay to right side of trail (not in the classic tracks) at all times
• Give skate skiers a wide berth.
•Be an ambassador for the sport – stay polite, educate other bikers, discourage bad behavior, follow the rules, support grooming, and we’ll all have a good time this winter.

If you have any questions about Fatbikes using the Vasa Trail contact TART Trails, Inc., PO Box 252, Traverse City, MI 49685 — — (231) 941-4300

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Fat bikes and the Victorian Sleighbell Parade

More to come, but a GOOD TIME was had by all.

Part of the group assembles at Duane and Darla's before the parade.

Part of the group assembles at Duane and Darla’s before the parade.

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Celebrate Global Fat Bike Day with the SCC

14 inches of snow on the race course for the Singletrack Showdown at the moment. Working on options.

14 inches of snow on the race course for the Singletrack Showdown at the moment. Working on options.

We have two things going on during Global Fat Bike Day (December 7th).

In the morning is a group ride going point-to-point between Manistee and Camp Douglas-Smith on Hamlin Lake (direction will be determined a few days before the ride based on wind). We are shooting for two routes. One about 25 miles and the other about 35 miles. Both will have around 10 miles of beach riding and will be marked. The rest of the riding will be all trail, two tracks and a bit of gravel road. A shuttle will be provided back to the start location. Ride starts at 9am. Sign up for updates by emailing

That evening is the Sleighbell Parade in downtown Manistee and fat bikes are going to feature in the parade. To ride in the parade you need to wear something Victorian or lumberjack-ish and be ready to have a great time. We are meeting by the post office on US31 around 5:15 and the parade starts at 5:30.

Hope to see you out for at least one of the events. Spread the word!

Download the Global Fatty Day 2013 Flyer

More information.

So it looks like Mother Nature is going to turn down the thermostat a bit for Saturday’s Global Fatty Ride. Predicted temps will drop to about 20 degrees for the ride and we may or may not have snow to ride on. The southern portion of the course got about 14″ of snow last week so it is tough to know how much of that will stick around or if we will get any additional snow of significance.

We are going to start the ride in downtown Manistee at the Outpost. They have lots of really good coffee there so we should be able to well fortify ourselves for the ride south. Speaking of which, it is highly likely we will have wind coming out of either the north or west so there is a good chance we should get a tailwind going down the beach. Hopefully it won’t be coming straight out of the west!

Currently the beach is in great shape. Not icy and really firm with a ribbon of snow to ride almost its whole length. That said, it is bound to be a lot different a week from now. There is a good chance it will be frozen and good riding on Saturday too but you never know with the beach.

There will potentially be a couple creek crossings while riding down the beach. Generally these are not bad and we will check flow rates later in the week to make sure they can safely be crossed. We have some options if the bigger creeks are flowing too much. Regardless, it is recommended that you use a waterproof boot for the ride if possible.

We will be finishing the ride at Camp Douglas Smith. This is an old Boy Scout camp right on the shore of Hamlin Lake. It is a really beautiful location. The approximate GPS coordinates are 44.078622,-86.417257. We will do our best to make sure a fire is raging so you can get changed and warm up after the ride. We should be able to have some food and beverages too! We are trying to line up a bag drop for warm after-ride clothing. Ideally this drop location will be the morning of the ride at the Outpost but we may have to push the drop-off deadline to the night before. More details to come on that.

We are still coming up with the exact routes but tentatively are looking at a shorter 16 mile version and a longer 35 mile route. The two will be the same for the first 12 miles and then will branch off. This seems like a good way to have a bail out option if the cold is getting to someone. More info to follow.

More details to come on the parade too.

Spread the word to anyone you think may be interested in the ride. Hopefully we can get a good crew together for the ride!!

Ride update #2

Here are some basic details for Saturday’s ride:
9am start time from the Outpost in downtown Manistee. There is a parking lot behind the shop that will be a great place to park.
We have a shuttle setup to transport dry clothing, beverages and anything else (within reason) that you want post-ride. The bag pickup will be in the parking lot behind the Outpost but we will get things coordinated in the warm and caffeinated confines of the Outpost.
We have two ride routes established.
Here is a link to the short version: – just under 16 miles
Here is a link to the longer version: – just under 32 miles
The two routes follow the same route for approximately the first 12 miles.
There are lots of good cut-offs for the longer ride if the temperatures necessitate cutting it short.
We will have a fire going at the camp so people can warm up, get changed and hang out post ride.
There will be a shuttle for bikes and people back to the Outpost. We will play the timing of the shuttle by ear based on ride times and when people need to get going.
So far the snow is holding up and we should have some great riding!

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MittCrit is successful

While most of the cyclists in Michigan were most likely out enjoying the trails on a beautiful fall day that was the morning and early afternoon of October 12, 2013 a small group of dedicated, and not-so-dedicated, riders lined up for the first annual Mitt Crit in Ludington, Michigan. The race was part of the Oktoberfest celebration that included some fine adult beverages from our friends at Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo. The race featured three heats of mens racing and one heat/final of the ladies and then a men’s final. The race was a great time.

Watch the men’s final from the perspective of Shoreline Cycling Club member Todd H. For more upcoming Ludington races see the Singletrack Showdown website.

Watch the Ladies race.

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Ride Guide Online

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Local Rides and Races

Whether you’re a road biker or a mountain biker there are a bunch of great events coming up in our own backyard.  Since most of you probably missed out on the Lumberjack 100 at the Big M,  you will have another chance to get you’re singletrack fix with the Big M Challenge coming up on July 28th.

On August 17th is the annual H.E.L.P.  M.A.D. Ride.   There are tons of different options with outstanding aid/rest stations along the way.  The best part is that it supports a great cause.

Next on the calendar is the Big Bear Butt Cruise  on August 24th.  With a name like that how could you not participate in this inaugural road ride/race starting in Kaleva.  There is a course distance to suit everyone.

It’s back to the Big M on September 28th for the 3rd annual Du North off-road duathlon.  This is a run/bike/run event that can be done individually or as a team.  Yes, a team, that means there are no excuses for missing this event.  The course is challenging but the post race food and prizes make it well worth the effort.

The last race on the local calendar is the Singletrack Showdown.   As the name implies, this is a mountain bike bike race……but with a twist.  It starts in downtown Ludington and after a short jaunt on the pavement, winds through the School Forest singletrack and finishes up back downtown.  Great fun.  Great prizes.  Great way to end the season.  Bring your toe warmers because this years race is on November 30th.

Check out the Shoreline Cycling Club’s  new DIRTroad publication for maps and other information on local road and mountain bike rides in our area.



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We all know what great riding opportunities we have in our area and the Shoreline Cycling Club decided to get the word out to the rest of the cycling community. For the last year, a small committee has been working to produce the area’s first ride guide, the DIRTroad. The DIRTroad is a 36 page guide to 10 of the best MTB and road rides in our area with detailed maps and descriptions of each ride. 20,000 copies of the publication will be distributed to Michigan Welcome Centers, local Convention & Visitors Bureaus, Chambers of Commerce, regional bike shops, local motels along with many other locations. The DIRTroad committee sought out local grants, donations and advertisers in order to produce the guide. It is the Club’s intent to continue producing the DIRTroad in the future with additional rides and information for the cyclist. In the short term we are relying on membership dues and donations to make this project happen. In the long term we hope to actually generate income through advertising.

The next step for the Club is to generate an electronic version of the DIRTroad and update our website to host the e-version. The cost for this will be at least $500 and again we are seeking advertising, donations and membership dues in order to make this happen. If you would like more information about the e-DIRTroad let us know.

In other news, the Club is continuing to develop the Non-Motorized trail park in Manistee into an off-road amusement park with dirt jumps, a pump track and more singletrack. This past winter also saw a considerable increase in skier traffic on the XC ski trails.
The School Forest singletrack in Ludington will be completed this year with a total of over 5 miles of family friendly trails.
The Club is also involved with:
• Awesome looking new bike racks in downtown Ludington.
• Ludington Optimist Bike Rodeo.
Healthy Active Manistee week in Manistee.
• Special Olympics
• Andy Klevorn’s Singletrack Showdown race.
• Trail upkeep and maintenance with the North Country Trail Assoc. and Manistee and Oceana Ski Councils.

As you can see, the Club has accomplished quite a lot in a few short years. We need your support to continue these projects and to begin new ones.
We will not be sending out invoices to existing members so unless you signed up at last fall’s meeting, you are up for renewal. All business members will be recognized on our website so include your logo. Memberships can be handled by using the PayPal button or print the membership application from the “join” page and send it in.

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Your next bike?

Here’s a video of Jeff B. and Andy K. riding fat tire bikes on the beach north of Ludington the other day. Certain conditions don’t necessitate a fat tire bike, but if conditions change then you can be left riding soft sand in a normal mountain bike. I think it’s a for sure third bike in the quiver, ahead of a cross bike, but that’s just me. Discussion  on our Facebook page?

In the meantime, here’s a video of a portion of our ride.

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Singletrack Showdown

Greetings fellow mountain bikers,

I had an idea last weekend while I was riding some new singletrack that our club, the Shoreline Cycling Club, built in our school forest. We need a bike race in town, and it didn’t seem like there was anything going on the weekend of Thanksgiving. So, I’m trying to pull one off. If you have a club or personal mailing list, calendar or Facebook page and could post the details of this race I’d surely appreciate it. We won’t have FINAL approval to use the school forest until Monday the 19th. So registration won’t start til Monday night. We expect approval.
Singletrack Showdown, 7.6 and 12.6 mile events, 1.3 of road and 5 or 10 miles of really nice trail (longer next year, just can’t shut down city on two weeks notice…)
November 24, 2012, 3:15 start time.
Over $1,000 in prize money, free Kenda water bottles to the first 100 entrants.
$30 entry fee.
If approved registration starts Monday November 19th.
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Manistee Trail Park

The Shoreline Cycling Club has been working with the City Of Manistee and the Manistee Non-Motorized Transportation Committee to develop cycling and skiing trails at the Manistee Non-Motorized Trail Park. With winter back in full force, the ski trails at the park are a great way to stay in shape for the cycling season. We are keeping the trails groomed and in top condition for skating and classic skiing. Current trail conditions, maps and info are posted at There is no fee to use the park.

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